About Us

Test Weapon is a privately held corporation and is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Test Weapon's mission is to facilitate technology to make test preparation effective. Our mission is to harness the power of online test preparation to make mission critical exams easier for people all over the world.

Like it or not, standardized testing has become one of the most important factors for selecting a student into a competitive program or institution.

When preparing for these standardized tests, students desire test preparation to be stress free and effective, working for them, not against them. Who hasn't been frustrated by the surprise of walking into a critical exam and finding it to be completely different than what was prepared for.

Test Prep Leader in Medical Board Prep

Test Weapon powers preparation for medical students and medical schools preparing for the series of exam steps. Its recent expansion in the USMLE meets growing demand from its' medical audience, and is part of the company's broader plans to increase its presence worldwide.

Now with a team of authors and technologist, that numbers more than 50, Test Weapon is the testing platform that is changing the test prep landscape.

Our Team

The Test Weapon team brings more than 20 years of experience defining, developing, launching and supporting successful online platforms. We have selected a diverse team of content authors, business, marketing and technologist to help define the industry's first online testing platform.

"Our technology platform puts enterprise class technology at your fingertips. We value our Q-Banks and their customers as their success drives ours. We are a customer-centric organization, as we keep the customer in mind when making all of our decisions."
- Michael Blair, President.

Here is what we believe:

Operate with Urgency:

We maintain a proactive bias toward action. We seek speed of implementation. We own the issue, seizing opportunity while maintaining quality. We take action "TNT" (Today not tomorrow)!

Work without Mediocrity:

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest performance standards- and poor performance is not tolerated. We engage in honest, direct, and passionate debate so that we are always learning and improving. We provide immediate honest feedback but we still make our commitments thoughtfully.

Make a Positive Wake:

We are ethical, act with integrity and follow the Golden Rule. We enjoy ourselves, have fun and are a bit wacky. We make our culture creative, energetic, and fun. We care about and report on our social and environmental impact. We build people up. As we succeed, we give back.


Test Weapon is an online testing platform where execution is a team effort. We offer exceptional career growth opportunities as well as a corporate culture that values creativity and achievement.

There is no typical day here. The work is not predictable, and it's not generated on an assembly line. There is always a new challenge to tackle.

Everyone here is asked to contribute one thing: commitment. At the end of the day, what sets Test Weapon apart is its collection of people who are:

Test Weapon attracts world-class talent to its Pittsburgh location. We are growing and seek exceptional individuals to join our team. We offer a comprehensive benefits package to our employees. Our health and financial benefits are designed to meet the diverse needs and preferences of our employees. We offer healthcare choices to our employees and their families and continually review our benefit plans to ensure they are competitive, affordable and appreciated by our employees.

If you are interested in a career with TestWeapon Technologies, please submit your resume to hiring@testweapon.com

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